Technology Department

Technology in Education 

Technology can be a powerful tool for helping teachers with many facets of their job: enhancing instruction, simplifying administrative tasks, and fostering professional growth activities. At the center of effective use of instructional technology is the teacher. Lumpkin County School System is committed to the concept that technology professional development for teachers will ultimately impact the achievement of students. A network of technicians and informed administrators are required to assist and compliment the efforts of teachers. Technology is the link for Lumpkin County students to students across the world and provides the sophisticated level of connectivity required to transmit administrative data. A well-trained cadre of teachers, administrators and technicians are necessity. The major goal of our technology plan is to secure the hardware/software and develop the human resources required to make every student a successful productive citizen of the information age.


InTech, the approved Georgia Framework for INtegrating TECHnology, has been inplemented throughout the school system. Over seventy-five percent of the certified faculty hold an InTech certificate. Plans are underway to train the remaining staff. InTech or some other form of approved technology training is now required for teacher recertification. Click here to download an InTech Application in PDF format. You may mail, e-mail, or FAX your application to Kimberly Jones.
For more information about this special Georgia certification requirement, visit the Georgia Professional Standards Commission web site at


As a follow-up to InTech, WebTech focuses specifically on the use of Web Technology in the classroom. Participants are required to create and implement a variety of Web-based projects and activities including a Scavenger Hunt, WebQuest and their very own Class Home page. In addition, teachers participate in a variety of exciting Internet projects and activities! Many of our elementary teachers have participated in this exciting program. We hope to offer WebTech as a redelivery model in the future.

Technology Proficiency Exam

In accordance with the Georgia Professional Standards Commission, interested teachers seeking special enrollment in a five-day InTech program or the Course Exemption Option (CEO) are required to take a pretest for placement eligibilty. Lumpkin County Schools in accordance with Pioneer RESA ETTC and the Georgia Department of Education uses AssessOnline as an effective means of measuring technology use. Georgia AssessOnline measures your skills and understanding of the six technology applications below and their usage in the classroom. The assessment items align to ISTE/NCATE Standards for Basic Endorsement in Educational Computing and Technology Literacy.

  • Operating Systems
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheet
  • Databases
  • Presentation Tools
  • Internet

AssessOnline will be offered to employees of the Lumpkin County School System three times this year. Administration dates are under way!

Technology Standards (QCC's)

In response to the great need and demand for effective use and knowledge of technology by teachers and students, the Georgia Department of Education has provided a wealth of information and guidance through it's creation of Technology Integration standards. The standards include Basic Skills, Communication, Problem solving/Decision Making, Productivity, Research, and Societal and Ethical Issues. In the near future, teachers will be required to utilize these QCC's as a part of standard instruction. For more information and a look at the standards, visit the Georgia Learning Connections web site at